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韩连潮(北京外交学院毕业,耶鲁大学法学博士,约翰霍布金斯大学博士,执业律师),美国哈德逊研究所客座研究员韩连潮博士。韩连潮博士曾在美国国会工作12年,先后为3名参议员工作,担任过参议院共和党副党鞭的政策主任,参与一些高层决策。Dr. Lianchao Han is a Visiting Fellow at Hudson, working on the Institute’s Future of Innovation Initiative. He worked in the U.S. Senate for 12 years, serving as legislative counsel and policy director for three active U.S. Senators, responsible for legislative strategy in the areas of federal budget, taxation, Social Security and economic policy.Dr. Han […]